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  • Leo GrauchoVerified Buyer

    Amazing Gadget

    "I have just discovered this amazing gadget. I have a very bad nerve condition that make my hands shake and really hinder my joy of fishing. With this it takes the frustration out of line tieing to hook and swivels thank you Ross Bain."

  • Chris L.Verified Buyer


    "This product really works. After fishing areas with lots of snags re-rigging gear in seconds is gold. My partner doesn't complain about hooks been exposed either. Thank you."

  • Joyce S.Verified Buyer

    How original

    i ordered these as a gift for my brother that has a charter business. He was delighted with them. He stated that since he leaves at least 6 poles on the deck, the Hookeze covers would protect against accidental injuries with the hooks. A must for your tackle box and poles.

  • Casey D.Verified Buyer

    Hook-Eze is the best!

    There's hundreds, thousands, of knot tying aids out there, and as a disabled angler, C-7 quadriplegic, with very limited hand function, I've tried them all. Hook-Eze is simple, effective, and addresses each step of the knot tying process, and the way it completely fixes the hook safety issue is a real bonus. As an engineer, I appreciate good design, and Hook-Eze is common sense design at its finest.

  • Julie P.Verified Buyer

    Perfect fisherman's (or woman's) tool.

    I was expecting a long wait for shipping but was very surprised that it came so quickly by mail to the U.S. Both the Hook Threader and the Hook Eze came with very easy instructions that even my children can understand and the instruction cards fit flat in the tackle box for easy access. I bought the Ultimate Pack to use the rest for gifts and they loved them!

  • Greg H.Verified Buyer

    Fabulous product

    Great service, very speedy postage. This product has allowed our disabled son to make his own rigs with his Dad. Couldn't be happier. The smile on his face says it all. Thank you for a great product.

  • Floyd P.Verified Buyer

    Hook-Eze is great.

    After my stroke,fishing was too hard as i could not tie hooks.Thanks to hook eze,now i can fish again!

  • Trudy M.Verified Buyer

    Lady Fisher

    Just love Hook-Eze. Fast and easy to use for attaching hooks. Great for protecting hooks in transport. Very safe.

  • Jim C.Verified Buyer

    Twin pack hookeze

    Very good product. Easy to use and well made. Handy knots and simple to tie. Well done.

  • Marvin O.Verified Buyer

    The Ease of Hook-Eze

    I just receive my Hook-Eze and have used it a dozen time already. When I was much Younger (good eyes, nimble fingers) I had no problem tying knots and fishing lines. But as I got Older, it became harder to do. With Grandchildren you have to be able to keep up with them and their tackle use. So now with the Hook-Eze I don't even have to pull my pole out of the water just to retie a hook for them, it's all one handed. So thanks Hook-Eze you've made fishing with Grand-kids fun again.

  • Sharyn E.Verified Buyer

    I bought them as Christmas Presents.

    My brother, who has a sight problem, told me they were they best present he received. No more stressing trying to thread a hook. And my nephew was delighted. Such a great idea when you like to fish but you have young children around. No more worries about little fingers getting hooked!

  • Garrie N.Verified Buyer

    Hook eze

    I am very happy with my purchase as its a great way of keeping my grand children safe while in the boat as the hooks are covered while rods are not in use

  • Karen J.Verified Buyer

    Great little tool

    I love these little gadgets. So simple to use my grandchildren can tie their own hooks without sticking their fingers. And when day is done no hooks wind up stuck to my car's upholstery. Have customer here.

  • Maxeen W.Verified Buyer


    Love them they're safe and easy to use makes fishing even more fun if that's possible.

  • Mary J.Verified Buyer

    These are so cool. Very

    These are so cool. Very easy to use and they can be use for many things. Love them!

  • Judy R.Verified Buyer

    Hook EZE

    This is an excellent tool for someone who has arthritis and does not want to give up on their passion. It is easy to use, has various uses and makes setting up my rigs a lot easier. Thanks so much.

  • Leah C.Verified Buyer

    Hand saver!

    What a great product for my hubby who has arthritis in his fingers and was finding setting up lures etc just such a massive issue. Now he is ok to go back fishing with the ability to do what he needs to do - apart from catch fish! Thanks

  • Ross W.Verified Buyer

    Arthritic angler

    The arthritis in my hands made the fiddly job of tying my fishing knots particularly difficult, more so in the cold weather. The hook-eze just simplifies the process so much that I now enjoy my angling so much more.

  • Ladonna M.Verified Buyer

    Can't wait to use

    OMG.. got them in today !!! Already trying them out here in the house !! so much easier then the old way !! going to show all my fishing friends so I might need more !!

  • Jonathan L.Verified Buyer

    Great Stuff

    Fast delivery and easy to use. All my friends want some!