Hook-Eze for Kids – Hook-Eze Australia


Hook-Eze helps teach children how to tie a PERFECT Fishing knot SAFELY!

Tie Perfect Knots... Catch More Fish!


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Safely tie a perfect clinch knot every time!

Safely learn to confidently tie their OWN tackle with a professional knot that won’t slip undone and provides more opportunity to catch a fish!


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Travel SAFELY and Avoid Injury!

Colour code your poles!

Fishing is an ideal way to connect younger generations to outdoor activities and strengthen bonds between family. Hook-Eze gives you peace of mind knowing the sharp barbs of the hook are protected to minimise the risk of injury so you can spend more quality time Fishing Safely!


Hook-Eze Review!

By Jayden Currie



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So Safe, Simple & Easy to use, a child can do it!
Watch a Tutorial From One Of Our Young Anglers!



I bought these for the fishermen I know. They take their grandchildren fishing and have to replace a lot of hooks! This will make the job a whole lot faster! Thanks for such a great product!!

Linda S.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! The absolute best and must have tool for stream or river fishing! Plus it speeds up rehooking for fishing with the kids! Definitely buying more!

Mike M.

We have several grandkids, 4-13 years old, who love fishing now I don't have to tie all the hooks on or bandage fingers! They love the package also.


Bought the twin pack for my 8yr old autistic son to help him with the basics and this was so easy for him. Only showed him 3 times and now he mastered it and teaching my younger son. Great product.

Chris L.