David Mears

Hi.  I'm David Mears, from Fuller’s Slade, Milton Keynes, England.  

 I've been fishing for the past 29 years, starting with my cane rod, feather made float and an old school  Mitchell 300 reel when I was just 6 years old. As soon as I caught my first fish I was hooked for life!

 As time went on,  I became more interested in catching a variety of species using different bait, methods and techniques & I traveled all over England to pursue my next catch.

 For the majority of my fishing, I prefer to use mackerel for bait, it always surprises me what I’m going to catch with it, even fish you wouldn’t expect to go for it, but I’ve even tried jelly beans, just for something different

 The rig I use the most is the good old-fashioned hair rig, as I like my hook to be away from my bait, so I can disguise it with what I feel necessary. I'm mainly into my predator fishing for pike, catfish and a few others and  I love to try new waters along with new techniques of fishing.

 My main tip for anyone is to make sure your hooks are sharp and don't be afraid to be different.