David Hopper

Hi, I'm David Hopper. I was born & raised on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia & fishing has been my life's passion.

I grew up on Ephraim Island with my parents & one other family, well before the island's development of today. Having the entire island to explore & my father teaching me how to collect bait & fish, even going to school by boat, before the bridge was built, I learnt a wealth of knowledge about the marine life that surrounded me.

As I became an adolescent , my love of fishing grew stronger. When I finished school, I worked on prawn trawlers along the South East coast of Australia, with the Great Barrier Reef under my feet & the most amazing marine life the Pacific Ocean had to offer. Fishing, soon became an obsession to me.

Today, I continue to fish in Tournaments, both fresh & salt water. I love learning new techniques & methods I pick up along the way.

My favourite tournament is the Mangrove Jack Tournaments as I find the Mangrove Jack the most elusive fish & I love the hunt to catch that trophy fish.

To me, fishing is not so much about gender, age or experience, sometimes, it is all about good old fashion luck, but I always have fun.