Seasoned Salts


Most of the following Salt Recipes are made using Himalayan Salt, however feel free to substitute with Kosher, Celtic or any Natural Sea Salt that takes your fancy, just try to keep it as natural as you can for best results.

Natural Sea Salts are not only very beneficial to one’s health, they taste absolutely delicious & blend beautifully with herbs & spices to produce some amazing, lip smacking Seasonings.

For every 4 tablespoons of Himalayan Salt, add 1 tablespoon of dried herbs.



Half cup or 8 tbsp. Himalayan Salt

1 tsp dried Basil

1 tsp dried Marjoram

1 tsp dried Oregano

1 tsp dried Rosemary

1 tsp dried Thyme

1 tsp Garlic powder



6 tbsp. freshly ground Black Pepper

5 tbsp. Himalayan Salt

8 tbsp. pre-dried Lemon Zest

When pre-drying zest, it is best to lay the zest on a single layer of waxed paper & left to air dry for a day or two, till it becomes brittle to touch.




Tarragon is a slightly sweet & flavorsome herb used mainly in French Cooking.

Tarragon can be difficult to preserve, it can’t be dried & if preserving it in vinegar or syrup, you will lose its colour, so it is best use fresh to retain its full flavour. Try to only make up as much as you need for your recipe.

Tarragon Salt is a wonderful addition to any fish or chicken dish as well as salads & grilled foods.   

Simply mix Tarragon leaves with either Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt, grind in a mortar & pestle till well combined.  For a little extra flavour, I like to add a little pre-dried Lemon Zest, especially when using as a rub for fish.


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