Hook Patterns for Fishing: Different Types and Uses

You might be wondering why it seems like no fish is falling into your trap while you are angling. Perhaps you are using the wrong hook. When it comes to fishing, having a sharp hook is one of the most crucial things. Additionally, you should also consider the type of hook and which is appropriate to use for what. 

For your convenience, we have curated the different types of hook patterns and their particular uses to help you catch more fish. Let’s get started! 

Hook Pattern #1: Kirby Hooks

Kirby hooks come in different sizes, perfect for catching different sizes of fish. No wonder it’s the most popular type of hook in Australia. Whether you are into saltwater or freshwater fishing, Kirby hooks will be your perfect choice. Keep in mind, however, that if you have a particular fish you want to catch, the size of your Kirby hook will matter. Below is a size guide and which fish they are perfect to use for: 

  • Size 2,1, 1/0 and 2/0 - perfect for inshore, estuary fish and freshwater fish (Bream, Flathead, Golden Perch and small cod)
  • Size 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 - ideal for slightly larger and stronger fish (Coral Trout, Snapper, Jack and Mackerel)
  • Size 6/0, 7/0 and 8/0 - ideal for bigger fish (Barra, Kingfish, Jewish and all reed species).

Hook Pattern #2: Bait Holder Hooks

As the name implies, baitholder hooks are perfect for baits! If you want to put some worms, insects, or any kind of bait to make the fish bite your hook, choose this type. They are a top choice for beginners as they provide support to catch a fish by luring them with baits. The hook has two obvious slices on the shank so that the bait will not fall off the hook easily. 

Hook Pattern #3: Bait Keeper Hooks

This type of hook can also support bait tricks, but the bait keeper is designed to keep the lure tracking straight, unlike a baitholder with an angled configuration. Bait keeper hooks are meant to hold lures such as fish strips, prawns, worms and hook fish. 

Hook Pattern #4: Long Shank Hooks

Long shank hooks are another popular hook type for experienced anglers. They come in 12 different sizes. This kind of hook is ideal for catching estuary fish like whiting, flathead, tailor, salmon and even small baitfish.

Hook Pattern #5: Circle Hooks 

Unlike other hooks, you can catch a fish without the hook being swallowed using circle hooks. It’s also perfect for beginners to use because the timing to set the hook is far less crucial than normal. You can keep the fish alive, perfect if you only catch for fun and intend to release the fish later on. 


In summary, you need to find the right hook to have a higher chance of catching fish. Just like the fish in the sea, there’s also a lot of hooks to choose from. You must learn the different types of hooks as it is an influential factor if you’re aiming to catch. 

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