4 Kinds of Artificial Bait for Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide

You may enjoy using live bait as a beginner fisherman because it seems more authentic to reel in fish with something they would normally eat. It’s like participating in the natural flow of nature. However, sourcing bait can also be inconvenient because you have to either buy them or find your own. Worse, you may upset the ecosystem by keeping the fish dependent on live bait. Thus, it may be in your best interest to opt for artificial bait. 

Artificial bait or lure comes in different forms. While it is more expensive than live bait, you don’t have to keep buying bait, meaning you can simply save money for other fishing tools that you may need, like a knot tying tool. You also don’t have to worry about the mess with using artificial lures because it prevents gut hooking, wherein the creature swallows the hook completely, hurting them in the process. To select the best bait, consider the following options: 


Many fishers have jigs because it entices various fish species, and you can often find one that is inexpensive yet does its job well as a lure. They have weighted heads, plastic grubs, hairs, feathers, and other features that appeal to your catch’s eyes. However, you do have to keep your line moving when you have a jig as your lure because they may sink. Thus, ensure you can commit to maneuvering your fishing line around or simply out for a more secure artificial bait. 

Spoon lures

As the name would suggest, spoon lures are made of a curved metallic component made to look like a spoon without a handle. It is crafted in different ways, yielding a range of colours and sizes to help you select the appropriate lure for your fishing trip. It is a great way to flex your skills as a beginner angler since you are researching which kind of spoon lure is best. 


Spinners offer a convenient luring experience, making them one of the most ideal for beginner fishers like you. They have a metallic shaft composed of a blade that rotates to mimic movement, attracting plenty of fish. Depending on the design, you may find a hidden or unhidden hook, but the choice does not matter, especially if you are fishing in murky waters. Just let the spinner’s natural vibrations trigger the fish to ensure a successful catch! 

Plastic baits 

Plastic baits are the man-made counterpart to live bait, which is great for bass fishing. They are crafted with formed plastic components, metal flakes, scents, and dye, allowing you to entice the fish more easily. Some also don’t look like live bait, but they can work just as well! Just ensure you do your research with these kinds of bait, as you may need a second opinion before you can make an informed purchase. 


Artificial bait could be the best option for fishing because you don’t have to fiddle around with live ones, allowing you to have a more convenient time during your trip. Now that you also have a better understanding of the different types of lures out there, it is up to your discretion which kind is best for you. Meanwhile, if you feel unsure about which choice to make, bet on trusted products like ours! 

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