An Amateur's Guide to Australian Bass Fishing in Autumn

Are you looking to squeeze in just one more fishing trip before winter sets in? Autumn fishing is the perfect season for Australian Bass fishing. You can head down to rivers, creeks, and streams to find them in the same hideouts as in the summer. It is a great time to fish because these months precede their migration downstream to spawn children near the southeast coast of Australia. 

The Difference of Australian Bass Fishing in Autumn Compared to Other Seasons

Australian bass is a common fish to find no matter what season. The difference is the depth that they’re found in. These fish tend to move into deeper water when the water heats up. Australian bass have a preference for the lower 70°F to upper 60°F’s or 18°C to 21°C. This means that they are more likely to swim in more shallow waters as the autumn months turn into winter.

Australian Bass hunt for prey in the shade of the morning and roam around sunken trees, overhanging brush, submerged rocks, and many other underwater twists and turns. 

How to Fish for Australian Bass

Australian bass don’t like well-lit areas, so the best time to catch them is at night. These fish come out of hiding and explore the surrounding areas sometime around dusk, but if you’re not an experienced angler and don’t have one with you for the ride, it’s better to try your luck in the daytime to avoid any mishaps on your end.

Bait fish or insects are great for catching Australian bass. Other moving critters such as crayfish, small frogs, and worms can also get their attention. If the bait does not attract them in any way, appeal to their sense of territory. Go to places with obstacle-like features that naturally appeal to these creatures. 

One thing you should know about nabbing one of these fish is that they aren’t very picky eaters, but they do put up a good fight for their size. This makes these fish very ideal for amateurs who want the challenge but have to start somewhere. 

Where to Fish for Australian Bass

The East Coast of Australia is the best place to find this type of fish. The Mary River in Bundaberg in the northeastern state of Queensland, for instance, has become one of the most popular sites for this fish because of its rivers, dams, lakes, and estuaries. There are also some great spots in New South Wales and Victoria.


Bass fishing is exciting, especially since these swimmers like to put up a fight when caught on the hook. It takes time and patience to get good biters. Luckily, autumn is a beautiful season to be out and about. You’ll enjoy the drive to your fishing site of choice and the beautiful red leaves on the trees. And when you’re on the water, you won’t have to worry much about waiting in the scorching heat.  

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