3 Types of Lip Grippers for Fishing Beginners: A Guide – Hook-Eze Australia



As a beginning angler, it can be fairly simple to slip up on several trips and fail to catch the right fish. However, if you are determined and have the right fishing tools available, you can expect to become better at fishing in a matter of hours. One skill worth honing is the ability to handle catches with care, especially when some creatures are bigger than expected. That is why having a lip gripper is essential for fishing. 

Most experienced anglers argue that all every fisherfolk needs are their bare hands to hold the fish. You can even use the hook if the fish is small enough. However, lip grippers are recommended even for fishing experts because they can minimise injuring the fish. 

Some species also have slime coating, so a lip gripper is preferred over nets since they come in contact with the fish’s skin. To ensure you make informed purchasing decisions, consider the following main types of fish grippers and what beginners like you should expect: 

Floating fishing gripper

Floating fish grippers are the standard type of equipment for smaller boat trips since working with catches in those settings is more difficult, considering limited mobility. With this gripper, you can avoid getting attacked by the fish, especially if they have spikes or rough skin. Since most grippers of this variety are made of polypropylene resin, it is easier to carry, clean up, and store away. The handles are comfortable and easy to use. 

What you do have to watch out for is the floating fishing gripper’s spring since most models commercially available in the market may be more expensive. It can also be harder to repair or replace them unless you identify with a reputable fishing tools supplier. Most importantly, place them in a designated spot to avoid losing them. 

Pistol-type or pistol grip fish grippers 

As the name implies, the pistol-type fish gripper looks like a handgun, which features a trigger that retracts like a set of jaws. It has a handy, ergonomic grip, lanyard, and stainless steel jaws. It does look sportier or impressive to bring around because of the iconic shape, and it is just as easy to use as the floating fishing gripper. However, you cannot use it on larger fish.

What most pistol grip fish grippers lack is the traditional 360-degree mechanism for the jaws to ensure the fish stays put as it moves around to tug itself off. Since it functions with a steady jaw design, you can easily lose grip and drop the fish, resulting in it either getting away or severely hurt. It may be best to go for a floating fish gripper, especially since you are still trying to learn the ropes as a beginner. 

Plastic floating fish grippers 

Plastic floating fish grippers are the most common and popular because they are widely produced and easy to buy. Unlike other floating fish grippers, this one doesn’t have some of the more classic features typically seen in T-style and pistol grips. Because of this, one loose grip can mean the difference between securing and losing a catch. Also, be mindful of the catch’s weight since the grippers may not be durable enough to withstand the pressure. If you have any doubts, consult the product description or manual. 


Investing in a high-quality lip gripper ensures you handle each catch with care and release it conveniently. It also allows you to hold more difficult fish without fear of mishandling it. To pick the right fishing tool, simply take note of the necessary information stated above and look for reputable suppliers like us to assist you. 

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