Putting Travel on Hold: 3 Things to Do During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has brought down thousands of small businesses and enterprises. If you’re an angler who has special trips planned for the tail-end of the year, you may need to move your plans until next year while the world still deals and gradually heals from the coronavirus effects.

Adapting to COVID-19’s effects

It’s challenging for everyone to adjust to the new way of life today. While no vaccine can prevent the spread of COVID-19 yet, people should conform to lifestyle changes to stay safe from the disease.

While your fishing travels across other countries are on hold, here are three things you can do:

1. Reorganise your travel plans

International travel is complicated, depending on which country you want to visit. Many countries worldwide are closing their borders or limiting entry from foreigners. Because of that, it’s best to travel locally as much as possible.

Although some airlines are starting to open, it’s still best to stay close to home to avoid going through the rigorous immigration and quarantine protocols. Reorganise your travel plans throughout the year to local spots instead of international destinations to stay safe from the threat of the COVID-19 disease.

2. Catch your own food

Although it may sound like an extreme activity, it’s not that outrageous nowadays. Many people are uneasy about purchasing food, even from shopping stores and restaurants. Since contracting the disease mainly comes from face-to-face interactions, it can be challenging to get grub without potentially exposing yourself to infected individuals.

Luckily, fish contains a lot of proteins and nutrients that can feed you and your family for months. By going on a fishing trip to haul supplies, you’ll allow yourself to exercise your angler reflexes. If you’re still not familiar with getting a bountiful haul that’s enough for a few meals, a charter captain can teach you how to do it.

3. Support local businesses owners

Even though COVID-19 is a health crisis, many sectors in the economy are still recovering from its aftereffects. Major enterprises could shake the effects of the economic downturn off after a few months, but small businesses are in dire need of staying afloat.

Charter captains across the globe are having trouble finding jobs even during peak seasons. So, you can support them by going on a local fishing charter. Besides giving a hand to your local business, you’ll also take advantage of having fewer anglers to compete around fishing sites.


While you’re still trying to navigate through these challenging times, developing new routines and lifestyle habits to accommodate the changes in the environment can help you. Try to spend as little time in the city as possible and in going out to restock supplies in your pantry.

Although you may be stuck away from urban activities, you can still turn to nature to stave off boredom while waiting for the crisis to pass. You can commune with nature by having your fishing gear with you to have a tranquil moment around the waters.

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