Your Next Greatest Catch: 7 Great Australian Fish to Hook

Fishing might seem like a deceptively simple hobby that most people might call boring—but it’s truly anything but that! After all, it isn’t one of the most popular sports for no reason at all. 

There’s nothing quite like a full-blown fishing experience, from the time spent relaxing on a boat to bringing home the day’s catch. The highlight of any fishing trip is almost always the moment when your fishing line jiggles, signifying a successful bite from an unknowing fish! Reeling it in is still a surprise, as you never know just what species of fish you’ve caught this time around. 

Australian waters are known for having an impressive variety of fish that will entice both sports fishermen and casual anglers alike. Whether you decide to drop your line out at sea or take a river trip, here are some of the best Australian fish that are worthy catches:


The ever-popular trout can be found in cool flowing waters and lakes using bait (grubs, worms, mud eyes, and maggots) and fly-fishing methods. Such locations are about an hour or two away from many Australian capital cities, like in the Blue Mountains and New England regions. There are also many freshwater rivers and lakes in Tasmania as well as in Western Victoria. 


This fish is appropriately named after its speed, as they are a fast, tropical species that can grow as long as two metres. They can be found around Montague Island in South Wales and off the coast of Queensland. You won’t want to miss out on catching this prize game fish with its high-quality flesh. 


These tropical migratory fish are known for their gorgeous blue and gold colours and impressive 1.5-metre length. The mahi-mahi tends to swim at a depth of about 40 metres, so its best to look for them along reef edges. Be ready when you’ve finally got them on your line as they’re a bit of a tackle when caught!


Boasting thirteen species, this fish has a sweet, delicate white meat that one should take care not to overcook. The most popular is the King George whiting found along the southern coasts of the country. 

Do take note that in certain areas, it is prohibited to target, take, and be in possession of the King George whiting in May. 


Snappers are probably the most versatile fish on this list. It’s a fleshy white fish that tastes delicious no matter how you cook it, whether that’s baking, frying, steaming, or grilling. They’re especially frequent in New South Wales, particularly in Vincentia, Shoalhaven, and Gerringong, to name a few areas. 

Take your boat out to reefs that are about 200 metres in length, and you may just end up with a tasty snapper for your dinner.


Referred to as “jewies” or “mulloways” depending on where you’re from, this fish has a white to pale pink flesh with large scales. They’re popular mostly due to their diverse availability in both the brackish and saltier waters of bays and offshore reefs. These fish are a bit of a heavy tackle, so be prepared in case your line hooks one of these beasts. 


Commonly found in estuary and inshore waters of New South Wales, Tasmania, and Victoria, these fish are great for sport fishermen as they’re quite a tough tackle and only fall for the most natural-looking bait. While they are a great fish to eat, take note that their environment contributes to their flavour. 

Black bream, as this fish is otherwise known, that are caught in estuaries will often have a muddier flavour—removing the black lining in their stomachs before cooking is essential to have a fresh-tasting fish. 


Knowing which of these beautiful fish you’ll encounter will not only help you ready them for the table but also prepare for your fishing trip. This sport is truly challenging and rewarding, with many of the best catches putting up a heavy tackle, so bringing the best fish knot tying tools to secure your catch is a must. With this and just the right company, you’ll have a memorable fishing trip to look back on long after your catch is gone.

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