The Joy Of Fishing

Fishing can be a wonderful and relaxing hobby, and this piece is intended to encourage people to consider trying it.

Some people like to call fishing a sport or an outdoor activity, but to me personally it's more of an art form. It evolves over the years with experience and yet there are always surprises during the process. As with any art form, for me fishing has always been meditational in a way, allowing me to escape the troubles of the city to be surrounded with water, concentrated on one objective. The whole experience of fishing, from setting up camp to the first catch of the day is therapeutic to me, giving me much needed tranquillity in the company of the natural environment.

Even though fishing allows me to disconnect from my daily routine, it still tests my concentration and quick thinking, even after all these years. Unexpected situations can happen, and fishing has never lost its excitement since my childhood days. There is an indescribable feeling of joy that happens every time you feel the line pulling, knowing it's showtime. Sometimes it's a slight tug and other times it can be a strong pull that can tip you over if you're caught off-guard. The ensuing adrenaline rush as you reel in your catch is something that is impossible to describe, accompanied by the joyful satisfaction of success.

For this reason, I would recommend that everyone try fishing at least once in their lives. Fishing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and has been part of my lifestyle for a very long time. 

Hook-Eze was started so that everyone can enjoy this amazing past time with me and the millions of other anglers all across the world. And if you need help tying knots, be sure to try the Hook-Eze Knot Tying Tool here.

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