Fishing in Winter: What Kinds of Fish Can You Find?

Unlike what others may be thinking, there is no winter break for people who love to fish, especially with all the different varieties in Australia. To help you catch more when you go fishing in the Winter, read this guide on the types of fish you might encounter in different locations and how to catch them.

If You Live In New South Wales

  • Salmon: In New South Wales, expect to see Tailor and Australian salmon swimming around the shores of Sydney beaches. If you want to catch them, make sure you have tuna and half pilchard strips. Those are the meats that they cannot resist.
  • Luderick: You might also spot some luderick. They are mostly found in estuaries and areas near the rocks. For this fish species, the best bait is cabbage and green weed. Try suspending the bait under a bobby cork or a stemmed float for better chances.
  • Drummer: Along the ocean rocks in Sydney, drummers love to stay. You can try placing fresh green weed, peeled prawns, or bread to capture their attention.

If You Live In South Australia

  • What to Expect: In June onwards, large schools of whiting visit the shores of Adelaide. You can also expect salmon, trout, squid, and snapper—perfect for those who love a diverse catch.
  • Places to Visit: Should you find yourself in South Australia during this time of year, make sure you visit North Haven, West Beach, Hallett Cove, and more.
  • Blue Swimmer Crab: These are found in the deeper waters off the coast of South Australia.
  • York Peninsula: If it is your first time visiting the York peninsula, it would be best to fish in the following areas: Edithburgh and Marion Bay. Strips of freshly caught squid or whole pilchards would be a good treat for crabs.

If You Live In Queensland

  • Gold Coast: A good catch in Queensland is mulloway and kingfish on the Broadwater of the Gold Coast. Consider using live yellowtail and poddies for a more successful bait.
  • Mission, Hey and Embley River Estuaries: If you are near the Mission, Hey and Embley River estuaries, the species you would encounter in these water areas are cobia, barramundi, and trevally. Catch them best by using deep-diving lures.
  • Cape York Creeks and Rivers: You can spot barramundi, mangrove jacks, and trevally in these bodies of water. Make sure you bring hard-bodied lures for successful fishing.
  • Gonbung Beach, Red Beach, Wallaby Island: If it is only possible for you to reach the shore part, the mentioned areas are some you should visit.

If You Live In Victoria

  • Estuaries: If you are fishing in the east coast estuaries, use soft plastics, slender, and narrow-hard bodied lures for better effect.
  • Lake Entrance: You could find yellowtail kingfish and tuna lurking around in these areas, which are lured better with live bait.
  • Quail Bank: You can catch calamari here. Just make sure that you have their favourite squick jigs in neutral colours for bait.


Australia is filled with so many fishing spots. You only need to know where they are and what kind of fish to spot so you know exactly how to capture them. If you are considering fishing this winter, use this guide as your cheat sheet, especially if you plan to visit the mentioned locations soon.

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