DIY Fish Trap

HookEze is on the hunt to find hacks all anglers should know! Over the next few weeks, we will show few innovative ways to make fishing gear at home without having to spend any money! Our top fishing hack of the week is…. How to use a 2-liter plastic soda bottle to trap bait. Here’s 3 simple steps.

The Bait Trap

  1. Cut the top off a 2L plastic bottle: right where it starts to neck down from the largest diameter
  2. Invert the resulting funnel into the cylindrical part. Secure both these pieces with a needle and strong thread/fishing line - you can sew right through the thin plastic real easily. You only need to secure it in 2-3 places, making it easier to remove the minnows later.
  3. Punch some small holes in the bottom, tie a string on, and voila - an almost free minnow trap. 20oz or 750ml bottles (the ones with the ridges) work especially well.

BIG SHOUT OUT to Monster Mike Fishing. You can watch him make the DIY Fish Trap here.

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