Debunking Common Fishing Myths

When it comes to fishing, there are all sorts of myths that are floating around. Some of the best anglers will tell you tricks of the trade that they swear by based on experience, while others will share myths that have been imparted on them or have heard in passing. Either way, learning to differentiate between fact and fiction from common fishing myths is essential so that you don’t waste your time or energy trying false methods during a fishing trip. Being armed with a good fishing knot tool and some newfound wisdom from expert anglers will better help you find a great catch.

Myth 1: The Moon Can Affect Fishing Quality

While it may seem like a far fetched supernatural myth, the moon can indeed influence your fishing experience. It all has to do with the amount of light coming from the moon during its different phases. On evenings where the full moon is bright, water plants may behave the same way as they would with sunlight. As a result, fish may start feeding during the evenings and won’t be inclined to bite when you cast your line in the morning. On nights when a dark new moon rises, you’ll have better chances of catching some fish during the day.

Myth 2: The Lure Colour Must Match the Fish You Want to Catch

There is no truth to this myth. If you’re spending too much time fiddling with your line just to make sure that you attach just the right lure colour, then the fish might be getting away right under your very nose. While it’s a well-known belief amongst anglers that colourful lures will attract certain fish species more easily, the reality is that they don’t make much of a difference to particular species considering how objects appear underwater. 

However, coloured lures can definitely help fish keep sight of your line as it descends into the water, especially the phosphorescent variety. Its effectiveness will depend on the water quality, weather conditions, and the depth of the fishing area.

Myth 3: It’s Bad Luck to Have Bananas on Fishing Boats

Some myths have peculiar origins, and one such myth is that bringing a banana onto your fishing boat can cause bad luck for your fishing trip. Many anglers will be adamant about avoiding this fruit completely while fishing, on and off the boat. However pervasive this myth is, there is no real evidence that suggests any truth in bananas affecting fishing quality.

Myth 4: Fishing is More of a Guy Thing

While there is truth to fishing being a male-dominated sporting activity thanks to gender stereotypes that dictated how ladies should stay at home to care for the children and cook the fish upon the man’s return. In some areas, this is a belief that some people still hold, but it has vastly changed from years ago. Many female anglers are taking part in the sport now, and more women are joining fishing groups as the years go by. Being prepared with the right gear like the best fish knot tying tools will help anglers perform their best, no matter what gender.


Fishing is a versatile sport that has its own rule and traditions. Inevitably, some myths will make their way around and may influence your fishing habits. While respecting an angler’s tale is one thing, taking their advice to heart when the story sounds a little too fishy might not be the best course of action. Weeding out which myths have truth to them and which are baseless will not only save you the trouble of drawing a line at the wrong hour, but it will also keep you on the right track to getting a fresh catch and perfecting your sport.

Here at Hook-Eze, we provide fishermen with fish knot tying tools to tie down tough tackles without risking any injuries. Novice and seasoned anglers alike can make use of this tool to enhance their fishing experience. 

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