Can Fishing Help With Stress?

People deal with stress in many different ways. One of the most common ways people deal with stress is by taking a walk, sitting on the front porch drinking a cup of coffee, or some other form of outdoor activity. The great outdoors can fill a void like nothing else. One reason the outdoors is so stress relieving is due to the fact that when we step into its world and hear, smell, and see all of its beauty, it puts our problems into perspective. 

When we’re fishing, and I mean fishing by having our mind strictly focused on every cast, our mind starts to be altered and transformed far away from stress. We can also sit on a fishing dock, bank, or boat, and just listen to the sounds of nature all around us. We are of nature itself and whenever we are placed directly in it we almost always become part of it. Whenever we are confined indoors  and forced to face constant problems on a daily basis, we will almost always become stressed after time. 

So the real question is does fishing help with other problems like anxiety, depression and other problems?

Does Fishing Help Anxiety?

I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t become anxious at certain times in life, some more than others. Anxiety can plague us without warning at any given moment. So how could fishing be a remedy? Anxiety is almost always helped by an activity of some sort, or just by exercising. Fishing can be one of the most beneficial activities available because of its diverse nature, from trolling a line behind a boat up and down the lake to seeing how many fish one can catch for the dinner table.

Is Fishing Good For Mental Health?

Many physicians recommend fishing or some kind of hobby for overall mental health. Some of us struggle with mental health issues such as bipolar, OCD, and many other types of mental disorders and for most, fishing can be a great way to help deal with them all. After a fishing trip there is much to talk about, whether it is how many fish were caught, some sort of funny incident that might have happened, or something special seen in nature. Talking about all of these occurrences helps transform the troubled mind back to a healthier frame of mind. And guess what, it'll make you more comfortable to talk about other issues plaguing you too!

Mental stress is something we all have to deal with, and using fishing as a coping outlet can definitely help. Fishing is a continual learning experience, and one of the best treatments for our minds is to continue to learn, because knowledge truly is power. Not only does learning give us strength and confidence, but it teaches us how to control our minds and diminish mental stress.

Why Is Fishing Therapeutic?

When we think of something relaxing, what often comes to mind is soaking in a hot tub or getting a massage. The truth is both of these do allow our minds to calm. Fishing can do this as well, and for many of us we need more than just an hour or two to break free from physical and mental demands in our lives. By fishing we can often spend all day just sitting on a fishing dock or shoreline reading a book and listening to nature as it unfolds, surrounding ourselves with peace and tranquillity.

If the weather is warm enough we can also pull off our shoes and place our feet in the water, adding solitude and contentment for hours at a time. Fishing doesn’t just have to be about catching fish. Taking a nap to the sound of running water can make any fishing trip more worthwhile. There are many other opportunities to rest during fishing, making fishing one of the best therapeutic outdoor settings available.

Why Is Fishing Beneficial?

To identify all the benefits of fishing we must think outside the box. Choosing our own goals for fishing gives us a sense of purpose, and allows us to focus on becoming free from everything else if we can allow it. Fishing can be a way to get to know friends better, allow families to spend quality time together, and can give us a good source of food as well. Fishing gives us the chance to escape and enter a new world which we can grow and build as often as we want to.

Fishing has always been an important part of relaxation in my life, and has helped in many ways to overcome life’s challenges. It has also allowed me to build lifelong relationships that are priceless to me. Our life is short, so whether your passion is fishing or something else, strive for something that makes you happy!

*Disclaimer: This is not written from a perspective of a doctor or health professional. These are words written to help those who are looking to escape and release stress - in addition, it is there to provide those with lingering problems a new outlook to something they may have never thought about before.


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