A Guide to the Professional Angler's Favourite Fishing Knots

Fishing is a fun weekend activity that many people love to do, as it’s incredibly relaxing and peaceful. It’s also a hobby that almost anyone can get behind. All you need is a fishing rod, some bait and tackle, and a body of water to reel in some insane catches. However, for the average beginner angler, the challenge of fishing isn’t always the strength of their fish. In fact, many novice fishing enthusiasts find their difficulties with tying the right knots for a snug hook. 

One solution to being unable to tie knots is to use a fishing knot tool, as these can help beginners get comfortable with the whole hobby before going all out. A fishing knot tying device is inexpensive on Hook-Eze and can give all anglers the ability to tie a strong link easily to guarantee a catch. While it might tie only some of the most basic knots, there’s always room to learn about a few new variants that the professional anglers use. Here’s what the pros say about their go-to fishing line knot for competitions:

Bryan McDonough

Bryan McDonough is a Texan fisherman from the city of Katy. He’s placed in the top 10 positions twice and has even brought home one career win out of his thirty total Major League Fishing events. He catches large-sized bass, which requires a knot that’s insanely strong to prevent it from snapping and getting away. His favourite is the Palomar as his standard variant, and he suggests using it with fluoro, mono, and braid lines that are wet before tying it up. If he uses two lines, he utilises the Blood Knot to add extra strength when he adds up to a backfilled reel. 

Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson is known somewhat as a legend because of his expertise at catching tons of fish in Canada’s different areas. He has also written a book on his life as an angler, with a bridge named after him somewhere in British Columbia around the best fishing spots. He loves the Clinch knot and has used the same knot ever since he was young. This basic fishing line knot is his favourite because it’s easy to tie and extremely reliable. 

He talks about the Palomar knot for specific applications like bass fishing due to the required strength to fight against the fish’s pull. It’s easy to learn and can be used with various lines as a versatile knot for most anglers to work against more muscular and larger competition-sized bass. 

Harry Robertson

Harry Robertson is known for his ownership of the Hanover Fly Fishers Ltd in Ashland, Virginia, which teaches fly casting to students and has programs to fly worldwide to fish. He recently partnered up with Rio Indio Lodge in Nicaragua for a more successful fishing trip down south. His fly-fishing techniques use a Blood knot that leaves two ends sticking out to catch grass as the line is retrieved. He also appreciates the Surgeon’s knot as the improved version of the Blood knot, as this creates more tags that can draw in more sea or river grass. 

Woo Daves

Woo Daves has joined over 300 tournaments and has had one Classic win alongside five 1st Place finishes. He has also finished in the top three eight times and the top ten 46 times. Daves hails from Spring Grove in Virginia and has been fishing for as long as he can remember. In fact, his career winnings total to over $670,000, meaning that he holds tons of credibility under his belt. His favourite knot is the Palomar knot because of its versatility in both fresh and saltwater applications. They are excellent beginner knots and are easy to learn and reliable for competition applications. 


While your fishing knot tool might not produce the most intricate knots, at least you can rest assured that even the professionals love to stick to the basics. It doesn’t matter if you can tie your own knots or require a device to help you with it, as the catch is what you’re looking for in the end. As you progress through fishing and angling, you’ll improve your skills and may be able to tie your own intricate fishing line knots. 

Hook-Eze is a fishing brand that provides fishing enthusiasts with fishing knot tools for an easy venture into the waters. If you lack the skill or have difficulties with the tools’ size, check out our products to find more. Visit our shop to get a set of hook tying devices for your next outdoor adventure!

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