4 Ways to Improve Your Fishing Game

Fishing adventures are a fun way to spend a peaceful weekend. Being on a boat or a dock, casting lines, and waiting patiently for a bite is incredibly calming—it can even be great therapy. Reeling in a fish to eat is one of the greatest feelings of achievement, especially when you know the catch is fresh and you’re about to have a feast.

Although the whole activity is a lot of fun, an issue that many people have with fishing is that there is a lot of technical knowledge needed. This additional requirement can take pleasure out of things. Not everyone went through a boy scout program or has the dexterity to tie proper knots. This means that fishing tools are a great way to get novice fishers into the reeling game. 

How To Improve Catches When Fishing

Catching a fish has plenty of technicalities involved. Many get one thing wrong in fishing, and that is the initial step of how to tie-on a hook and make a fisherman knot. Here are some tips that master fisherfolk use to catch big ones:

1. Your Hooks Matter

One thing many people fail to do is invest in a good set of hooks. Cheap hooks do the job, but for bigger catches, you’ll want quality ones to maintain the snag. However, you will also need the hooks to be mounted sufficiently. A fish hook knot tying tool like Hook-Eze’s Fishing Knot Tying Tool will make strong and secure hooks to tackle the biggest of fish. This tool is best for those who lack the dexterity or the skills to tie a firm knot initially. Beginners will appreciate this tool and make the most challenging part even simpler to do. 

2. Working the Gimbal

Gimbals are a great tool to tire the fish out when pulling and reeling it in. When fish bite the hook, they panic and swim in unpredictable directions. Catching a fish requires some elbow grease and some power to make sure they swim away from the boat, making the line go slack. Remember that fish must be tired out before reeling in heavily; otherwise, they can be cut loose from the hook. 

Anglers should move the rod accordingly and focus on keeping the tension, which means the fish is fighting against you. Eventually, time will cause the fish to experience fatigue and make for an easy reel-in. 

3. Watch the Lure

Lures are quite dangerous if placed in the wrong areas, as heated fishing moments can cause people to get snagged and hurt. Once a fish has been caught, and you pull the hook, you must throw the lure over to the side of the boat or secure it somewhere else. Getting snagged by a hook is remarkably painful, and this is not something that you want happening to anyone. 

4. Landing the Catch

Working with the fishing guide after an intense fight with your catch is essential to catching the fish. Some use nets when the fish are at the boat’s side, while others reel smaller fish in with raw strength. Once the fish stops thrashing and moving due to fatigue, it becomes much easier to catch.


Fishing is fun when you don’t have to think about much. By finishing the initial steps of securing your line and tying fisherman knots for hooks through a fish hook knot tying tool, you’ll just need to think about reeling in your catch. Beginner fisherfolk will enjoy having a guide to teach them the basics and assist in landing the catch, which makes for an overall flawless experience. 

Hook-Eze is a fishing brand that provides fishing enthusiasts with fishing knot tools for an easy venture into the waters. If you lack the skill or have difficulties with the tools’ size, check out our products to find out more. Visit our shop to get a set of hook tying devices for your next outdoor venture!

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