10 Really Interesting Facts About Fish

At Hook-Eze, we love everything about fish.
So we want you to find out some new and interesting facts about this amazing way of life.

1. The word "halibut" means "holy flatfish" (hali=holy + butte=flatfish) because it was only eaten on holy days

2. Fish use a variety of low-pitched sounds to convey messages to each other. They moan, grunt, croak, boom, hiss, whistle, creak, shriek, and wail. They rattle their bones and gnash their teeth. However, fish do not have vocal chords. They use other parts of their bodies to make noises, such as vibrating muscles against their swim bladder

3. Most fish have taste buds all over their body.

4. Fish don’t actually smell bad. Scientists have discovered that fish don’t normally have the chemicals that our noses pick up as fishy smells. Those chemicals only get produced after fish spend too much time outside of the water. Even then, they must die first before their flesh starts breaking down and producing those chemicals in the process.

5. The oldest fishhook ever found dates back to about 42,000 years ago.

6. Most brands of lipstick contain fish scales.

7. A fish does not add new scales as it grows, but the scales it has increase in size. In this way, growth rings are formed and the rings reveal the age of a fish.

8. The fish in the middle of a school control the school. The fish on the outside are guided by those in the middle. Only bony fish can swim in highly coordinated groups

9. The fastest fish is the sailfish. It can swim as fast as a car travels on the highway at around 110km/h.

10. A male emperor angelfish lives together with up to five female mates. If the emperor angelfish dies, one of the females turns into a male fish and becomes the leader of the group.

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