Be Croc wise…

Many beaches, rivers & billabongs in the northern parts of Australia are inhabited by Crocodiles & although accessible waterways are generally signposted, always obey WARNING SIGNS.

If you do not see a safe swimming sign, you should not take the risk of entering the water & avoid the water’s edge wherever possible.

Just because you can’t see any Crocs, it doesn’t mean they’re not there – these stealthy creatures wait patiently in the water for hours, watching & waiting for their next meal to come by.

If you are in a Croc area, always watch your pets & kids, never turn your back on the water and never camp in the same spot for more than a couple of days; Crocs are known to watch campers for days on end, learning their routines and then making their move when you least expect it.

Before you set up camp, clear the camp site of any rubbish, food scraps etc., left behind by other campers.  

Always pitch your tent at least 2m above the water mark & 50m from the water’s edge & avoid areas where native animals and domestic stock go to drink as the Crocs know these areas are easy pickings for a meal.

Never prepare food, wash dishes, clean fish near the water’s edge or adjacent sloping banks.

If you see a crocodile sliding mark (a crocodile sliding into the water from a river bank will leave a characteristic mark), stay well clear of that area.

When fishing, stand about 4 – 5 meters back from the water’s edge, never stand in the water or on logs & branches overhanging the water.

Never dangle arms or legs over the side of the boat & if you do happen to fall into the water, get out as fast as possible.

Never clean fish or discard scraps or bait near the water’s edge or close to the campsite & boat ramps.

Never feed, provoke or get within 10m of a crocodile, whether in a boat or on foot, it is illegal & extremely dangerous.

Be more aware of crocs at night & remember they are more aggressive during the breeding season from September to May & the warm weather also makes cold blooded animals more active & a lot faster!

Report crocodile sightings in Queensland to 1300 130 372.

In case of an attack, call triple zero (000) or 112 from most mobile phones.

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